Training Program

We all know that food dehydration is simplest and cost-effective process of preserving food products for long duration. Dehydrated stuffs are very convenient to use, carry and most suitable for E-commerce marketing.

In today’s 5G Era, Can we depend on conventional and outdated technologies for food dehydration?

Let us associate together for better understanding of novel and latest technologies in the field of Food Dehydration Business.

By mere watching YouTube and Google video contents, one cannot get confidence to venture in this field.

We have established a full-fledged Centre for Training and Experience at our PUNE based manufacturing unit.

Our centre has uniqueness in providing not only practical experience on dehydrated food product development by own hands but also get updated knowhow from the mouth of industry experienced experts.

At our Centre, we constantly organise training, seminar, open house discussion for benefiting the aspirants who are passionate to work in food dehydration sector.

Program Features

Brain storming session to discuss on the business opportunities for various applications of food and pharma dehydration.

Understand latest know how in technologies like close loop heat pump drying, desiccant based drying, microwave drying, vacuum freeze drying etc. That too in very easy and simple language.

Get yourself work experience in the latest technology machines and understand its impact on the quality of dried products.

See (appearance), Smell (aroma), Taste (sensory), dehydrated stuffs on above golden parameters.

Understand importance of various packaging technologies for dehydrated products. Get well conversant for importance of air humidity control at various stages of manufacturing.

Innovative applications of dehydrated food products for preparation of main food recipes.

At centre we have a full fledged kitchen and food preparation set where food photography and videography can be done or developing your social media marketing contents.

Food dehydration challenges and opportunities narrated from the mouth of existing entrepreneurs involved in similar business.

Session on preparation of business project report, government incentives, and other schemes.

Session on statutory compliances like food licenses, certifications needed to operate business at Industries standards.

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